At Buchanan & Stouffer, we believe that the internet, as well as other technology, should be available to and usable by everyone.

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As one of the greatest and most universal sources of information, interaction and communication, it’s essential that the Web be accessible to people with disabilities, regardless of their physical, speech, neurological, cognitive, auditory, or visual impairments.  Badly designed websites can create barriers that exclude people from accessing Web content.

This website is intended to be inclusive.  We have designed and developed it in compliance with the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Accessibility Initiative.  Specifically, the website’s content has been formatted to facilitate access by people with visual and auditory impairments.  The writing has been coded so it can be read aloud easily, and so that photographs and other images can be described.  There is no audio-only content.

To learn more about Web Accessibility, click here.

Sign Language Available

For our clients, prospective clients and visitors who are deaf or hard of hearing, Buchanan Stouffer has a qualified American Sign Language interpreter on staff.  If you need to speak with one of our attorneys, either in person or remotely, we can arrange a Remote Video Interpretation session at your convenience. Please contact Lettie Rawlings ( to discuss your needs.