Our Story & Mission

Imagination is what makes human beings unique.

We can envision things that do not yet exist. We can plan and work towards making them real. This is what builds bridges and countries, great works of art and enduring legacies. No other species can do this.

At Buchanan & Stouffer, we help our clients envision the future and create mechanisms to bring it into being. Using knowledge developed over decades of experience, we help our clients insure that the goals they spent their lives cherishing and seeking continue to be relevant for decades to come.

By doing this, families are cared for. Assets are protected. Contingencies are planned for. Businesses that took a lifetime of effort to build are passed on, intact, to the next generation.

Understanding that life is finite can be a kind of gift. It sharpens our focus, and requires us to think deeply and honestly about what we genuinely believe and what really matters. We assist in that process, too. Much of our work involves asking questions, and listening carefully to the answers.

As attorneys and fellow human beings, we help our clients and their families envision and prepare for the future. And then we help them make it real.