Estate Planning


But also often presents significant challenges.

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Estate planning is a distinctive, and uniquely complex, area of the law – and one in which the attorneys of Buchanan & Stouffer have been providing skilled, compassionate and strategic service to clients for almost forty years.

Good estate planning is a combination of several factors. First of all, it’s highly technical, and can involve state and Federal tax law, state probate and trust law and a number of other legal areas and issues. Second, each client is different and has unique issues, some of them very personal. Finally, to some extent, estate planning requires preparing for a future the client will not be around to see. For all these reasons, effective estate planning requires a special combination of unique, sometimes contradictory capabilities.

It’s a balance Buchanan & Stouffer has expertise in maintaining. We bring to our work a combination of deep technical expertise and the strategic vision required to develop innovative solutions for each client’s specialized needs. Based on our clients’ individual goals we evaluate options, do detailed planning, make sure all issues are addressed and finally, prepare a solid estate or business plan that safeguards a clients’ wealth, while using it to make their plans a reality.

We work very closely with our clients – we view our work as a collaboration. We stay involved – our job is to make sure plans come to fruition, not to prepare a plan and send a bill. And most of all – we listen. What works for one client will not necessarily work for another, and our attorneys pride themselves on being able to deliver legal solutions carefully tailored to each client’s specific situation.

A client who has charitable goals and wants to promote positive values among his or her heirs requires a one-of-a-kind approach to planning. A client with children from two marriages needs something different from one who’s never married. And the needs of a business owner differ from those of a woman who needs to plan for the care of a handicapped child. Family members with special needs are a particular area of expertise for our lawyers.

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Wills and Revocable Living Trusts

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Powers of Attorney, Living Wills and Medical Directives