Business Succession Planning and Business Exit Strategies

For entrepreneurs and business owners, any estate plan should include planning for the transition of your company upon your retirement or death. Business succession and exit strategies involve complex, multi-layered issues that must be addressed by a dedicated business and estate planning attorney who has extensive firsthand knowledge of the process of business transition.

For more than three decades, Buchanan & Stouffer has helped business owners successfully position their business for transition to the next generation of family members or other owners. When you retain our firm as counsel, our attorneys will analyze your company and its financial position. They will advise you on the tax benefits and disadvantages of each strategy. Our goal is always to maximize the wealth our clients and their businesses can pass on to their heirs while staying true to the clients’ values and disrupting the ongoing operation of the business as little as possible.

Our sophisticated legal team can help you create a comprehensive business exit strategy that may include any of the following:

  • Buying and selling businesses
  • Buy-sell agreements (buyout agreements)
  • Deferred compensation agreements
  • Stock bonus plans
  • Stock appreciation rights
  • Numerous other incentive plans

Business succession is also an important element when setting up a new business.  When forming a company, thorough planning concerning business succession and exit strategies is vitally important. Buchanan & Stouffer has assisted Colorado business owners with successfully transitioning their companies since 1979.

As an example, buy-sell agreements are an effective tool that can protect an enterprise and facilitate succession. A buy-sell agreement is often incorporated into the business succession plan and used to sell the interests of an owner prematurely departing the company to the remaining owners at a predetermined price (or using a formula to reach a price).

A buy-sell agreement protects the value of a business and allows for the orderly liquidation of a departing owner’s interest with minimal disruption to the operation of the company. Learn more about buy-sell agreements.

Our experienced Denver attorneys will work closely with you to understand your business and help you understand how you can protect it by integrating a buy-sell agreement into your business plan. By advising you of the tax benefits and disadvantages of a buy-sell agreement, as well as the financial and legal implications such an agreement may have on your business, we can help you can make an informed decision regarding your company’s future, as well as yours and your family’s.