Business Formation, Entity Selection and Reorganization

Forming a company means making a number of important, complex decisions. Particularly critical is determining what kind of entity to create. Each type has both benefits and drawbacks. Without a thorough analysis of your business plan by an experienced attorney, your company could face extensive taxation, loss of assets due to litigation, or other challenges that could have been avoided. Buchanan & Stouffer advises clients on the legal, tax and financial implications of various business structures, including corporations, S corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies.

Once you make an informed decision about the structure of your new company, our attorneys continue to work on your behalf. We ensure that you are in compliance with all state and federal laws as you establish your business. Our continued services include monitoring the adoption of appropriate governing documents and verifying ownership interests, including the rights of voting and nonvoting members. Our firm can also help you form your business specifically within the context of your estate planning. This is particularly important for closely-held or family businesses, where succession, ownership interests, control and other issues may affect the operation of the enterprise itself.

Entity structure is not necessarily a one-time decision. As your business grows and your goals change, it also makes strategic sense to periodically revisit your business structure. Changes in applicable tax law, regulation or the overall competitive landscape within which you operate can all justify reorganization. Buchanan & Stouffer can help you review your current structure and analyze your options. If necessary, we can reorganize your business structure in order to create a more effective business entity. And as with your original structure, if needed our lawyers can integrate your reorganized business into a comprehensive estate planning strategy that can include a logical exit strategy or succession plan.

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