Relationship Agreements

Planning for your future is one of the most beneficial steps you take in your life. While there are several ways to prepare for changing circumstances, a relationship agreement can help you define your wishes and protect what you value in the event that your relationship with your loved one ends.

For more than three decades, Buchanan & Stouffer has assisted clients in the Rocky Mountain Region in creating customized prenuptial, postnuptial, domestic partnership and cohabitation agreements. These clients have included high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, executives and simply people who wanted to protect what they had.

While it may be difficult to think about ending the relationship you have with your significant other, it is simply a fact of life that relationships can, and do, run their course. Our team of lawyers has effectively helped our clients minimize the negative results of a divorce or breakup by identifying important economic and financial issues in advance. We will help you understand what type of agreement is appropriate for your circumstances, including:

  • Prenuptial agreement: An agreement created before two individuals legally wed.
  • Postnuptial agreement: An agreement created after two individuals legally wed.
  • Cohabitation agreement: An agreement created between two individuals who do not intend to legally wed.

Each of these agreements specify in a legal contract the rights and obligations of each individual to one another regarding finances, property and other matters in the event that the relationship ends.

We recognize that people often have a strong emotional aversion to relationship agreements. While this is completely understandable, and very human, it can also expose you to very serious legal and financial consequences. Our attorneys have found that when our clients and their significant others can view a relationship agreement from a place of mutual love and respect, they can realistically make practical and important decisions regarding the future. Without your knowledge, any relationship can include legal commitments and obligations that profoundly affect your financial future. Understanding this may help you separate your feelings from the financial reality of what may happen if your relationship ends.

Above all, a relationship agreement of any kind must be guided by transparency, openness and sincerity. While our attorneys can only represent one party in a relationship, we encourage our clients to talk to their loved ones about what they thinking is fair and give specific direction to their own attorneys. This can prevent the entire process of creating an agreement from becoming contentious or convoluted.

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