Advanced Estate Planning

Many high net worth individuals and their families face complex legal and tax issues when it comes to estate planning. Buchanan & Stouffer’s attorneys are experienced in helping wealthy clients plan for the financial future of their families. Through sophisticated and complex legal work, using advanced estate planning methods, our attorneys can help these clients create a comprehensive estate plan that will minimize estate taxes upon their death, allowing them to maximize the wealth they pass on to future generations. This kind of planning is how legacies are created – and protected.

To do this, our lawyers develop customized estate planning documents for your specific planning needs. By focusing on your unique circumstances and learning your personal estate planning and family goals, we are able to use creative legal methods to protect your estate.

At Buchanan & Stouffer, our attorneys are highly skilled at using a varied combination of the following advanced estate planning techniques:

A good estate plan integrates many facets of a client’s financial objectives, including end-of-life planning, taxation management, retirement planning and above all, laying a foundation for future generations. There is a plethora of options and strategies available, and our role is to utilize them to shape a strategy precisely tailored to each client’s situation, while avoiding burdening them with unnecessary paperwork or detail. Working together, we can insure that what the client wants to happen, happens.

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